Community services,
Throughout the academic year, both of the fourth and the fifth stages of the dentistry college implement field events concerning orthodontics, prevention, oral and maxillofacial surgery and periodontology supervised by lecturers and specialists, in which they visit primary schools where the dental students present lectures about oral health promotion and disease prevention and they show them a demo explaining the correct way to brush their teeth.
The goal of these visits are to increase the experience of the students and their skills when it comes to the scientific research during their academic study as well as providing services to the community especially the children since they are the core of the society.
These events are done by coordinating between Salah Al-Din department of education and the deanship of the college.
These field events have a positive impact upon students especially those in the primary school since they will be motivated to clean and take care of their teeth and prevent them from being infected.

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Medical consulting office,
The office provides its medical, diagnostic, treating and consulting services in every scientific specialty related to oral medicine, surgery and periodontology by specialist staffs to serve Salah Al-Din governorate citizens as well as Tikrit university employees and lecturers with suitable prices.

The office was established in 2008

The head of the office is: younis mohammed

The committee supervising the office:

1. younis mohammed        As president 
2. ganim Member
3. Assist. Prof. Mohammed ibrahem hazim Member
4. kuther mahmood Member
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