عدد البحوث: 17.

تاريخ النشر: 2015.

لقراءة البحث اضغط على اسم البحث.

1.  Evaluation of Color Stability for Two Types of Denture Base Materials: Heat Cured Acrylic and Flexible Resin اريج شهاب احمد، خالد طالب بندر، علا عزت عبد المجيد
2.  Evaluation of Fatigue and Impacted bond Strengths of Denture Base Repaired by Using Different Type of Surface Treatment  ابراهيم حميد الفهداوي
3.  Analysis of Mandibular Movement after insertion of Fixed Partial Dentures using Cadiax Compact II  عمار عطا الله علي
4.  Effects of aluminum oxide addition on the surface roughness and hardness of acrylic resin denture base  مكارم عبد الرسول جابر
5.  Evaluation The Effect Of Addition Some Disinfectants Solutions On Compressive Strength Of Dental Stone  ياسمين ابراهيم محبس
6.  Evaluation of Shear Bond Strength of Composite Resin to Dentin after Etching with Er,Cr:YSGG Laser And Conventional Acid Etch سيف ناظم حسون 
7.  Effectiveness of mixing procedure on the microleakge of glass ionomer cement as filling material in primary molars  مها عبد الكريم
8.  Sealing ability of Biodentine as a root Perforation Treatment Material (An in Vitro Study) مها مساعد يحيى 
9. The Effect Of Root Canal Irrigants On The Push –out Bond Strength Of Biodentine مها مساعد يحيى
10.  Evaluation the mobility of the dental implant (comparison between the cemented and screw retained single fixed prosthesis)  سلوان الحمداني
11.  Prospective Clinical Study Evaluating The V Flap for Surgical Endodontic Treatment of Periapical Lesions يحيى علي، رياض الطائي،  هيثم يونس محمد
12.  Periodontal consideration for patients with fixed orthodontic appliance in Ramadi city  وداد محمد، فكري الفتلاوي، زينة حاتم الطائي
13.  The correlation between root resorption and some immune parameters in well- controlled type Ι diabetic patients during orthodontic treatment ايام علي حسون طه 
14.  Dental Health Status Among Adult Population in Mosul City  كرامة النعيمي
15.  Immunohistochemical evaluation of actin expression in basal cell carcinoma and oral squamous cell carcinoma نادية صبري ياس، سيتا ارشاد سركيز، بان فاضل الدروبي، احلام حميد مجيد 
16.  The role of smoking with some salivary parameters, dental caries and gingivitis  نهلة كمال اسعد، مهدي صالح الجبوري، سلافة خير الدين بنوش
17.  Evaluation the Inhibitory Effect of Aloe Vera Aqueous and Alcoholic Extracts on Salivary Streptococcus Mutans In Comparison to Chlorohexidine Gluconate  مها جمال عباس
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